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Monday, December 28, 2009

Mount Fuji Japan

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mount fuji japan

Mt. Fuji wreathed in clouds

Mount Fuji is an attractive volcanic cone and a frequent subject of Japanese art. Among the most renowned works are Hokusai's 36 Views of Mount Fuji and his One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji. The mountain is mentioned in Japanese literature throughout the ages and is the subject of many poems.

It is thought that the first ascent was in 663 by an anonymous monk. The summit has been thought of as sacred since ancient times and was forbidden to women until the Meiji Era. Ancient samurai used the base of the mountain as a remote training area, near the present day town of Gotemba. The shogun Minamoto no Yoritomo held yabusame in the area in the early Kamakura period.

The first ascent by a foreigner was by Sir Rutherford Alcock in September 1860, from the foot of the mountain to the top in eight hours and three hours for the descent.427 Alcock's brief narrative in The Capital of the Tycoon was the first widely disseminated description of the mountain in the West.:421-7 Lady Fanny Parkes, the wife of British ambassador Sir Harry Parkes, was the first non-Japanese woman to ascend Mount Fuji in 1867. Photographer Felix Beato climbed Mount Fuji in that same year.

Today, Mount Fuji is an international destination for tourism and mountain-climbing. In the early 20th century, populist educator Frederick Starr's Chautauqua lectures about his several ascents of Mount Fuji—1913, 1919, and 1923—were widely known in America. A well-known Japanese saying suggests that anybody would be a fool not to climb Mt. Fuji once—but a fool to do so twice. It remains a popular meme in Japanese culture, including making numerous movie appearances, inspiring the Infiniti logo, and even appearing in medicine with the Mount Fuji sign. As of 2006, the Japan Self-Defense Forces and the United States Marine Corps operate military bases near Mount Fuji.

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Mount Fuji

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Mt. Fuji is a distinctive feature of the geography of Japan. .... The highest point in Japan is where the Mount Fuji Radar System used to be. ...
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Mount Fuji also called, as Fujiyama is the most poplar and undisputedly the number one landmark of Japan. It is located on the Southern Honshu Island and is ...

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Mount Fuji on a clear spring day, Taken by Stephen Michael Draper Mount Fuji (Fujisan) is with 3776 meters Japan's highest mountain.

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10. Mount Fuji, Japan - Japan's highest peak, last erupted in 1707. Learn more about this author, May Monten. Contact this writer Click here to ...
Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. The dormant with the exceptionally symmetrical cone last erupted in 1708. Mt. Fuji has been worshiped and ...

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