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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Home Storage Ideas for Living Room

Living Room Storage - Home Ideas

Living room wall decorationLiving room wall decoration
Our home in this modern era is full of clutter as we tend to buy more and more items. The living room is no exception and it has indeed never been a materially more complicated place, and the need for attractive and versatile storage never greater. In the living room, the clutter can be far worse. There are sofas and settees, coffee tables, ornaments, books, magazine, record collections and hi-fi speakers, television sets, CD players and probably tape machines which all need a place or a home storage system to put them in order. Bear in mind, however, that the type of storage option you favor may vary from house to house, depending on the degree of clutter and the type of atmosphere you wish to create in the living room.

home storage

In the living room, home storage needs are likely to be leisure-oriented. There has to be enough room for books, cassettes, compact discs and videotapes, not to mention display space for ornaments. The choice is again between free-standing and built-in furniture, and is much freer than in other part of the house such as kitchen because the looks of the living room are just as important as performance.

The best thing about custom-made storage cabinets or system is that they can make optimum use of alcoves and other recesses in the living room. A more radical option is a complete wall of storage units, which could include space for home-entertainment equipment as well as features such as a drinks cupboard (cabinet). While planning living-room home storage, pay particular attention to working requirements for power points (receptacles), especially if you have a lot of hi-fi (stereo) equipment, and for any concealed lighting in the unit.
uld work equally well in a living room space.
home storage cabinets

home storage cabinets

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Purpose-made cabinets to accommodate the typical types of home-entertainment equipment – such as televisions and video recorders – are readily available. Modular designs allow you to add on as necessary if you want your hi-fi systems in the same area of the room.
living room Wall decorationliving room Wall decoration

Many, too, also allow you to extend the units upwards, with purpose-made units for tapes and CDs. By choosing the modular components with care, you should be able to put together just the right size and shape to fit into, say, the alcove created between the chimney breast and room wall. These units are often very simple to make, and you should have few problems in building your own if you wish.
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Home Wall Shelfs

Home Wall Shelfs

The walls at the living room are often under-utilized for storage and display, especially hard-to-get-at areas above tables and sofas. Open shelves here may be the perfect place to display ornaments and photographs, since you will only want access to them occasionally.
Modular Living room wall system
Modular Living room wall system

Where books are concerned, however, make sure that you build shelving in an easily accessible part of the room, or you may wish to build or buy freestanding bookshelves instead. With these you have the added flexibility of being able to change the arrangement of the furniture at will without destroying the room’s d├ęcor.
Living room tv system cabinets

Living room tv system cabinets

In conclusion, the living room is a mixed-activity room which encompasses activities such as reading, playing, entertainment such as watching movie or listening to music, napping and so on. Therefore, do make sure the home storage system caters to all of these activities when you are designing it.

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