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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bathroom Home Storage Ideas

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Finding a suitable home storage solution around the bathroom for all the personal and household accessories every family accumulates can be quite a challenge. One difficulty is making a sensible balance between tidiness and accessibility; it is no good having a place for everything if that means spending hours each day laboriously taking things out and putting them back again. It’s no difference for the bathroom. The storage solution for the bathroom has never been any greater now.

Home Storage Idea

The bathroom storage requirements are likely to be relatively low key – somewhere to keep toiletries and cleaning materials, for example. As such, the main storage requirements in a bathroom are for linen, towels, toiletries and cosmetics.
The choice is likely to be between a floor-standing vanity unit and some wall-hung cupboards (cabinets), although if space permits, you might give some thought to the growing number of fully fitted bathroom furniture ranges. Where space is very limited, make use of the hidden space behind a removable bath panel to store small items such as children’s bath toys
Bathroom Furniture
Bathroom Storage furniture
A storage idea of a wall-hung cupboard here is a built-in cupboard with glass doors which encourages tidiness within. You can stack fluffy towels and bath sheets on the top shelves and relegate less pretty bathroom necessities to the closed lower cabinet.
Bathroom - Water temptation - Bathroom designs
Modern minimalist Bathroom
Buffet Tables and Console Buffet Table
mosaic tiles

Bathroom Storages

Luxury and Classic Bathroom Interior FurnitureLuxury and Classic Bathroom Interior Furniture

For smaller bathroom, you could utilize the bathroom door which is full of unused storage space. What you could do is to paint the door with magnetic paint to create an attractive surface on which to hang towel hooks and metal disks. You can also install removable bins and towel bars to store extra towels, shampoo, and soap. The following picture shows how the storage solution can be done.

Elegant Bathroom wall coverings
Elegant Bathroom wall coverings

Another home storage solution for a small bathroom here is to choose small-scale case goods — such as the eight-drawer roller cart near the vanity here — for maximum flexibility. Taller pieces offer more cubic inches of storage in limited square footage than shorter ones.
If the hot-water tank is in the bathroom, then building an airing cupboard surrounding it, with slatted shelves to allow warm air to circulate around the towels, sheets, and so on, can be a great boon.
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Modern minimalist Bathroom
Bathroom Furniture Shelves
Bathroom Furniture Shelves

Some luxurious home storage solutions for bathroom here are a bifold doors conceal shelves full of bathroom must-haves, but also leave room for plenty of display space. Corral items with wicker baskets and boxes.
Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinets

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