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Monday, January 10, 2011

Glass Block (Brick) Decoration Ideas

Today Glass Block (brick) has a wide use in home decoration. Glass Block (brick) is differing from regular block (brick) that it made from glass whether it’s transparent, color or graphic glass.

Glass brick is made of two hollow halves paste together in a high temperature. Glass brick buffer well against heat and cold because of the vacuum inside, that full of air. Laying bricks over each other provide privacy, but does not block the light.

Glass brick available in many forms, colors and volumes, but the standard is the square shapes even its regular, winding, longitudinal or ripples. That kind of ripple is important in the glass to block the vision behind these wall units and to reflect light beautifully.

End block (brick) is often used to end the glass wall, because it does not have a sharp edge.

Way to install: Glass block (brick) install within an already made structure of MDF wood material, glass bock installed in almost like the way of puzzle according to need and taste and the requirements of design and decoration, and it can cut according to the required space.

Security degree: This type of blocks have a high degree of stiffness and strength and it’s not easy to break, where he is Security glass, because this type is heated to a higher temperatures and suddenly exposed to the highest degree of cold.

Examples for glass block (brick) application:
- Home exterior decoration.

- Home entrance decoration.

- Home interior decoration.

- Kitchen decoration.

- Bathroom decoration.


- Guardrail for interior stair.

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