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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some Criteria you must take in consideration when design a home swimming pool's

When home owner decide to design a swimming pool on their home garden, they need to keep in mind some tips to have their ideal swimming pool:
- Size of the domestic swimming pools: this is the first step when design the domestic swimming pool, determine the perfect size of swimming pools does not mean only to compare it to the need of use, but to take in account to be suit with your garden size.
- Depth of the domestic swimming pools: swimming pool must have suitable depth ( not shallow nor very deep), and if the pool is for diving purpose, then it's depth must be safe enough for this purpose.
- Shape of domestic swimming pools: It is not necessary to have an Olympic swimming pool, you must consider the available area and to provide an opportunity for a garden to surround the pool.
There are many shapes of the swimming pools, such as: rectangular, circular, non-regular and others. Below are photo of some shape.
- Accessories for domestic swimming pools: Those accessories make the pool more fun, attractive and exciting, such as waterfalls, fountains, diving Board, and etc.

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