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Monday, November 29, 2010

Tips to choose the fireplace

There are three type of the fire place:
-          Corner Fireplace.
 -          Wall Fireplace.
-          Center Fireplace.

Whatever the type of the fireplace, you can find the one which run with gas or electricity or wood. However, all of them provide an important addition to the aesthetics of the place and give it a special charm
A wide range of fireplace is available to suit all styles of decoration, from the classical to the maximum of luxury and modernity. With a nice range of color and manufacture material that suit your wishes.
In the recent years, scientists discover a new material to use for fireplace manufacturing, one of them is a type of glass name "Vitroceramic", USA start to use  "Vitroceramic" the in fireplace manufacture, because of it's amazing specification in withstand more than 800°C of thermal shocks, and the ability to manufacture it in a transparent and resistant shape.

Another material entered recently in fireplace industry, is a metallic material named "ductile Iron (cast iron)", which help to born a new generation of fireplace, with exquisite shapes and more aesthetic applications.

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