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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Blog continued with the Colour Orange

I just decided to contine this blog. Colours are my life - without colours I will not be an artist. The posts may appear sporadically and I have to think about a guideline for myself but we will see what happens. I also spent so much time on this blog, collecting all those wonderful motifs and colours, that it would be a shame if I stopped sharing them.

I thank all my readers for their motivation and maybe you will find the one or other image you might like.
Starting with one from my balcony - the colour of the Clivia:  

I found a very strange psychological explanation for the colour Orange in a German description (translated and abbreviated):

"Orange symbolizes the unappealing, the sweet, aromatic, the refreshing, the cheap, the flashy, the extrovert, the trendy, the loud, closeness, fun, cheerful, sociability, pleasure, gluttony, energy, activity, excitement, warmth, desire.

Orange has always been an exotic colour in Europe although sunset and sunrise are orange. Orange has a cheap appeal because many objects in orange are plastic. There are no natural materials which are orange, therefore the colour orange sends the signal of being cheap. Through advertising campaigns and certain product design the image of the colour did not improve - on the contrary. People combine pushiness and swaggering with orange.

But the colour orange also has a positive character. It's the colour of the amusing, pleasure, sociability. Orange is a combination of light and warmth. Orange creates a pleasant atmospheric environment. It is not as dazzling as yellow and not as sultry as red. Orange is the colour of the fire etc."

What is your attitude towards orange?

Clivia Miniata (Amaryllidaceae),
Riemenblatt, Bush Lily 

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