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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Internal Lighting Decoration ideas

Source of light:
- Natural Light Source: we mean sun light, which varies according to time of day and seasons.
- Artificial Light Source: There are two types of artificial light sources; spotlights and floodlights. Spotlights provide a concentrated beam of light, while floodlights give diffused, softer, more even, spread out light.  Artificial light give complete control over the direction, quality, and strength of the light and those light sources are fixable to move around, diffuse them, or reflect them.
Internal Lighting has high impact on increase or reduces the residential spaces, according to what type you choose and how you distribute. Because of that below we give you few tips that will help you when plan to lighting your home:
- Firstly you shall determine your need for light in every corner taken in consideration the activities that occur in every room, and environment which you want to create. If a room will be used for many purposes then it must provide with various types of lighting.
- Remember that dark and non-shiny surfaces absorb light, while light color and bright surfaces reflect light. Accordingly light will decrease in dark room’s paint in contrast to light rooms’ paint that reflects light.
- When choosing lighting units consider being easy to remove and install, do not generate high heat for the lighting unit as well as to be ease to clean and maintenance.

Types of home lighting:
- Main Lighting: These types provide a large amount of light for the main space; this type can be
achieved through ceiling light unit or chandeliers.

- Additional Lighting: This lighting helps you accomplish some tasks, such as reading, sewing, cooking and writing and other activities. This lighting should be comfortable, do not strain the eye, and do not make light reflections or shadows.This lighting can be achieved using the hanging and standing lamps

- Art Lighting: It’s use to create a visual aesthetic point by shed light to a panel or plant or particular wall, to do this you should use a unit with at least three times the force of public lighting used.
This lighting achieved by using oriented or wall lighting units.


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