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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Door Decoration Ideas

Door decoration is part of your home designs and it's the first impression of your home. Doors can decorate in many way such as wreath, hanging, drawings or framing. Your chosen door decoration differ according to the location of your home and it should simple, easy to change or set up and suitable to the occasion. Below are some ideas for door decoration:

- Door Hanging: such as bells, flowers, or crystals. Door hanging is an ancient home decor idea basically from India. People can buy those hangings from the market or they can make it by themselves.

- Draw a picture: Doors can decorate by painting it with a nice color then draw free hand drawings, like mountains, sea, sunrise and etc.

- Greetings: by sticking an attractive greetings related to the celebrations on the door, you can make your door look nice.

- Bouquet: Bouquet can use to decorate your door for one day celebration like the wedding day or anniversary celebration.

- Frame the door: It is a wonderful decoration idea to frame your door with flowers and lighting.

- Wreath: wreath is popular idea for door decoration because it can be use in various styles and themes. Also it is easy to shift or rearrange and flower can be of different varieties or colors.

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