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Monday, December 13, 2010

Rooms and Art dipped in Orange - Inspirations galore

During my research on the Internet and other media I realized that it is not quite easy to find rooms completely designed in orange shades and tones. Rather than finding orange walls accentuated with different colour furnishing and art you will find rooms accentuated with orange objects.

Why is this so? Potentially because most people find orange being one of the strongest colours at all and therefore fear the domination of this colour that pushes everything else too much into the background. But there are multiple methods to play with the colour orange and you will see that in the end you'll see some rooms which are warm and comfortable, light and not dominant at all...

(images from House Beautiful, The Peak of Chic Blog,
New England Design & construction, Gloria K. Rothfeld, 
home decor design tips, Zabola, Housewears, Propeller Island)

The art work I am creating surprisingly contains quite a lot of orange tones, different values and shades. Hence this is the reason, because I am not consciously a friend of orange myself. Although my palette regularly contains earth colours in subdued shades it also shows quite a few orange splotches, which I find quite interesting:

The last painting was a complete new experience for me as this is painted in a colour I would normally not use in this pureness...

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